What is Inwegen?

All lightweight rowers know the struggle, last minute stress for the weigh in before the race. Inwegen tries to lift some pressure of you and your crew's shoulders by providing an easy tool that quickly shows you if the crew will pass the weigh-in successfully. A lot of lightweight rowers lose to much weight before the regatta, a moisture loss of 2% results in a loss of performance of 20%. To prevent this loss of performance Inwegen was born, this web-app is a tool that aims to help lightweight rowers losing weight.

What does Inwegen more?

The mission of Inwegen is to assist lightweight rowers all over the world. Besides the weigh in tool this website also has a nutrition blog with tips on how to lose weight the right way.

I am a writer/journalist and want to write an article about or for Inwegen, can you help me?

Yes, of course! I will provide you with extra information and data so that you can write a better article, please contact me via twitter (@In_statera or @mathijsoggel).

Can I place ads on Inwegen?

Yes, Inwegen will allow native ads on the website. If you want to become a partner this is possible starting from €30,- (33,-USD) per week. Pricing depends on you wishes. When the native add is placed it will gain approximately 400 ad impressions per week. One rule is that the adds need to be in someway relevant to (lightweight) rowers.

How is the website traffic right now? gets around 400 unique users and 1500 page views each month. This is of course depending on the time of the year. Mid season there are more visitors because this is the time of the year with the most regatta’s.

How does Inwegen make money?

Starting and maintaining this website costs money, especially with the growing traffic it will cost more and more. Inwegen wants to stay free for its users and that is why we will show native adds on the website and ask for voluntarily donations from our users if the want to support the site.